September 18, 2021

Top 10 Most Followed African Musicians on Instagram in 2021

Most Followed African Musicians on Instagram in 2021

megastar, Davido, is now the most followed African musician on the app in the year 2021. This then begs the question of how Africans have in recent times, been interacting with the virtual extensions of their favourite musicians. We heard this question and as a result, decided to make a list that captures the most popular African musicians on the pretty pictures app. Here are the 10 most followed African musicians on Instagram in the year 2021.

The most followed African Musician on Instagram


Born David Adeleke, the 28 year-old megastar has over a period of 10 years, become a hit-making maestro who has under his belt, the currently most commercially successful Afrobeats record, Fall. He is also the owner and CEO of DMW, known fully as Music Worldwide.

The megastar has 20 million followers on the Instagram app and this makes him, by a hefty margin, the most followed African musician on the platform while he comes in after  Salah as the second most followed African personality.


Since the time of Nelson Mandela, every African generation has had a Mama Africa. Then it was South African Mariam Makeba, later on and concurrently, it has been Beninoise  who is alongside Nigeria’s  referred to as such.

Born Yemi Eberechi Alade, the afropop superstar is a blend of Yoruba and Igbo roots while she unites Africans all over with sweet catchy tunes done in English, French and occasionally even in Swahili.

At 13.8 million followers on Instagram and one of the highest grossing music videos on YouTube,  put the numbers to Mama Africa title to become the second most followed African musician on the pictures’ app.

3. Diamond Platinumz

Inarguably one of the biggest African acts and a Tanzanian living treasure, Naseeb Issack has with his impressive career, earned his title as ‘The King of Bongo-Flava’, which is Tanzania’s music genre.

At the moment, the megastar sits pretty on the top of the food chain of numbers as his videos have amassed the total of one billion views.

Diamond Platinumz is also currently the third most followed African musician on Instagram with a 12.2 million-strong follower base.


Known as the African Bad Gyal, the sultry afropop and RnB singer not only exports the sound revolution, Afrobeats, to the rest of the world but also propagates the with visuals and -spoken and elegant persona as seen on Instagram page.

At 12.4 million followers on Instagram, Tiwatope Savage, continues reign as the African Bad Gyal as the fourth most followed African musician on the platform.


Many users of the popular bird app, Twitter, are of the opinion that ’s latest album, Made in Lagos, is a classic body of work. With the love it has been getting from music lovers and popular personalities on the internet, all over the world, it has however become a given that the ’s global campaign has attained universal supremacy.

Ayo Balogun is the name behind the  persona, an African musician who despite his lowkey and reticent persona, is the fifth most followed African musician on Instagram with 12.1 million followers as at April 2021.


On this list, stands out as an oddity due to the fact that he is primarily a music producer and music executive, having two record labels– the now defunct ’Hits and the star-finding Mavin. He is infact the only music producer cum executive on this list. And this is a feat he unlocked by being one of the most loved celebrities in the country by first producing for some of the best Afrobeats singers in the early 2010s and later on discovering some of the most promising talents in the new age of African music. In addition to these, Micheal Collins Ajereh or , as he’s popularly known, doubles as a virtual entertainer and influencer, often seen making and posting skits on his Instagram while still associating his brand with up and coming acts from all walks of life.

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All of these factors and more have served to make  rank at number six on the unfolding placement of Instagram-social-standing in the African music scene.


Alias Slim Daddy and in some circles as the Golden Boy of Africa or Augustine Miles Kelechi, is one musician that’s not only loved in his home country but in other African and European nations as well. This is as a result of his infectious and easy-going Afropop love ballads.  also produces music and has been credited with being the brains behind the lyrics and the sound of one of ’s biggest hits, If. 

The Golden Boy of Africa, , shines on this list with 8.6 million followers on Instagram.


While some still contend ’s legacy as one of the GOATed (greatest of all times) in the musician scene, the indigenous rapper and street-hop singer with full name, Adedeji, has proved that the mountain which in this case is global domination, does indeed come to Mohammed.

An industry shaper,  owns YBNL- Yahoo Boy No Laptop, record label and has with, put music lovers on to fresh new sounds.

 makes an appearance on this list with 7.7 million followers.

9. Shilole

For Shilole, or Zena Yusuf Mohammed, she is not only seen as an inspiration to female bongo singers who she set a precedent for, but is also seen as an inspiration to most of the country due to grass to grace story.

Love for the star has also translated to numbers as Shilole has an Instagram account that is 7.6 million followers strong.


She first made a name for herself as the first Tanzanian VJ on MTV and even went on to cement status as a top TV personality by hosting a talent show. It was after this  decided to show the world that she knew quite a number of things when it came to being a bongo singer, making the world dance to tune while being simultaneously hooked to colourful fantasy-filled music videos.

The Tanzanian entertainment sweetheart is currently engaged to be married to -American actor and singer, , fiance who has made multiple appearances on Instagram page with a follower count of 7.2 million.

With this list of the 10 most followed African musicians on Instagram, if you had the chance to use their Instagram page for a day, what musician’s page would you select and why? Share your reasons in the comment section below.

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