January 21, 2022

Nigerians Fire Back At Burna Boy For Saying They Deserve Calamity

( Fire Back At Boy) are definitely not accepting Boy’s statement against them as they react to his message earlier today, stating that deserve whatever is happening to them as they do not hold their leaders accountable enough.


According to the popular opinions making the round on Twitter, Boy is wrong for saying Nigerians, who drag their politicians every chance they get, don’t do that enough. According to on Twitter, Boy does not use his platform as much as he should for positive activism as they believe he should. His attitude of superiority, according to many stirred from being compared to the legendary Fela, who without the help of social media, criticized the government and public figures during his time.

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The summary of the reactions on Twitter is that what Boy said makes absolutely no sense as he is telling to do what they constantly do on Twitter.

Read reactions below;


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