September 22, 2020

Celestial Praise & Worship Songs Mixtape

Enjoy and Download Cherubim and seraphim powerful and spiritual praise and worship compilation by the best c&s artistes like baba ara, etc. These are made up of spiritual and revival gospel praises. These covenant hymn songs can be sang by anybody to worship the almighty God. Cherubim and seraphim church songs mp3 is one of the audio gospel mixtape to download in 2020. These holy order sensational songs are really interesting. They have the best choirs in Nigeria. you can get this free Download C&S Hymns filled with N igerian christian hot Praise And Worship compilation, especially yoruba gospel of the ijo mimo ti christi.
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Celestial Praise & Worship Songs

  • Jehovah Jesu Kristi
  • Mimo ni Imole
  • O Kristi Oba mi
  • Ojo Agbara
  • Jerih Moh Yahmah
  • Ire Tunde
  • Ojo Emi mimo yio ro
  • Bi Gbogbo Aiye D ite Mo WA
  • Ka sowo po pelu ife mimo
  • Baba Ka mi mo won
  • Mo Gba oGbo
  • Awa ni’jo mimo
  • Ejeka Fope Fun Baba
  • Olorun Oba imole
  • Enyin Ogun mimo T’orun
  • Emi Ba Legberun Ahon
  • Oye Wa Ka Fope F’Oluwa
  • Ewa mi, Ewa mi
  • Emi Mimo Olutunu Celestial Church of Christ
  • Maleka Meje T’orun Sokale Wa
  • Awon Angeli nyo l’odo Baba
  • Aiye ti wo segbe kan
  • Jesu Duro Ni ‘waju mi
  • My Heart Leaps for Joy

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