December 7, 2021

#BBNaija: Watch The Video of Maria’s Clash with Jackie B

#BBNaija Watch The Video of Maria's Clash with Jackie B

In the house today, housemates and clashed over something the latter had said regarding the relationships in the house.

Explaining what happened in the house,  told Big Brother that she did not intend to get  upset with words, and she just said what she had seen in the house. This happened on Friday, the 6th of August 2021.

told Biggie that she had only been speaking about  and Emmanuel. She called Emmanuel a flirt and said could definitely do better. She said that he had also flirted with before. In words;

We finished talking about the Sammie issue. We moved to Liquor and Emmanuel, and I basically said that I feel like Liquor deserves someone that likes because Emmanuel is a flirt. He flirts with me and every other girl, and it’s not a secret. And, I know that Liquor genuinely likes him, and he even told me that he sees as a friends and only likes personality. He was now trying to backtrack.


This was followed by another exchange of words between  and .

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While that was going on,  and Beatrice had an altercation inside the house.


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