October 23, 2021

Annie Idibia Sparks Divorce Rumors After Calling Out The Idibia Family

Annie Idibia Sparks Divorce Rumors After Calling Out The Idibia Family

Sparks Divorce Rumors After Calling Out The Idibia Family

In case you hadn’t noticed, and the entire Idibia clan are trading insults on social media.

Yesterday,  hopped on IG to drag husband, 2baba over one of his baby mamas. She called him out over his loyalty to his baby mamas and how they always use their children as excuses to be close to him (see post here below

Social media users were still digesting that information, when the family decided to drag Annie. They accused of using on their brother and recounted how she almost destroyed their family.

This morning, Annie removed husband’s name ‘Idibia’ from IG bio. She added ’s name to surname after the couple married in May 2012.

Whilst many have interpreted latest move as a sign of divorce, others are hoping she’s just venting out anger and has no intention of ending marriage with 2baba.

’s Brother & Sister Drags To Filth For Bringing Marriage Crisis on Social Media.
’s younger brother, Charly isn’t coating his words to his sister in law Annie.

He took to Instagram to reply to after she called out his brother for his association with his first baby mama, Pero.

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According to Charly, Today is the day the lord has chosen to reveal The evil and wickedness of human hearts. He tagged Annie to the post and asked if she was ready for the premium dragging he was sending way.

Annie responded and advised Charly to go get a job. She told him that he and his family should stop milking 2Baba because he is successful. She added that Charly is living under ‘ roof’ yet has the audacity to insult and Mother.

Charly informed that she has gone for bringing up the house issue. He noted that whenever his family visited 2baba, Annie and mother never allowed them to spend more than 2 hours there. He told she was boring and he only visits because of his nieces. He added that he is going to keep mute out of respect for his brother and Annie can continue brandishing dirty linen outside.

’s sister, Rosemary Idibia also shared a cryptic post after brother Idibia was slammed by his wife, Annie Idibia. See post below

With the drama slowly unfolding , Netizens are waiting for to comment on the issue. When he does, we will keep you posted.

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