January 21, 2022

10 Most Controversial Nigerian Musicians in Recent Times

10 Most Controversial Nigerian Musicians in Recent Times

10 Most Controversial Musicians in Recent Times

Like the proverbial moth that’s drawn to the flame, stardom courts and begets controversy. This fact coupled with the maxim that states that no publicity is bad publicity is why, despite the many sparkling elements that are woven together to birth an artiste, controversy has over the years become quite the launching pad to fame. And as a result, been speculated to be employed by some artistes to attract the attention of the public.

For instance, back in the heydays of Pon pon music, acts such as and were introduced to the scene with their brow-raising personas that ranged from bell ringing to a calculated form of madness.

These days, thanks to the advent of social media, artistes equally get served bouts of controversy whether or not they cooked any up. In this list, we’ve taken a controversy meter out against musicians to draw out some of the most controversial ones in recent times. With a rundown of their controversial moments over the years, here are the most controversial musicians as of now:

Most Controversial Musicians:

Most controversial nigerian musicians

His name may have topped this list as pure coincidence but the president of the Marlians fanbase is definitely deserving of that placement as he’s proved to be the lord of not only lamba, but controversies time and time again. For  whose tweets and captions are more often than not brow-raising thanks to their scandalous nature, that can be likened to a walk in the park for the rapper, singer and record label owner who last year in the thick of the Covid-19 pandemic, had a show at Jabu Mall in Abuja despite restrictions on flights and social gatherings. His actions had gotten the air company he’d flown with suspended, and the mall locked up. He’d shortly after been complicit in the violation of Lagos state’s Covid regulations by performing at ’s birthday.

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The rapper has however been in hotter waters with his EFCC scam allegation which had come on the heels of his online tussle in favour of the Yahoo Yahoo trend in the country, against  and . In the spirit of a truly wedded spouse of controversy,  had sealed that moment with his smash hit, Am I A Yahoo Boy and had scored a brace with the tongue-wagging Soapy after his stint in prison.

2. Boy

Most controversial Nigerian musicians

In the earlier years of  Boy’s meteoric rise to fame, a music analyst, Osagie Alonge had predicted that his rise was going to eventually be eclipsed by his many controversies. Then they’d ranged from calling out the MAMAs for not nominating him for a solo record from him to being banned from the UK for being in a gang and more. Two years after that he’d gotten into the headlines for an incident involving hired thugs roughing up Mr 2kay which was evidenced to have been sponsored by him.

There was also the one Felabration performance where  Boy had performed in underpants which according to him was in respect of  Anikulapo Kuti whom he gives props for being his hero.


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His more recent and unforgettable ditzy with controversy however involves his address to Coachella for representing his name in small fonts. This became the origin of his self-given tag but not the last of his infamous Twitter rants. Most social media users will also not forget the scandal involving a voluptuous British lady who alleged to be  Boy’s lover, shelved for the popularly known singer, Steflon Don. Another notable  Boy controversy is his clash with contemporary and former friend, Davido. It had happened in Ghana on the heels of the latter’s single that referenced him and had set social media ablaze for several days. Earlier this year, rapper,  also had a clash with  Boy and while it wasn’t as heavily publicised as the singer’s previous clash,  had shown photos of his head where he claimed to have been stabbed by Burna’s boys, all in a bid to ensure that the latter didn’t disrespect veteran footballer, Obafemi Martins. 

The two musicians made up soon afterward, quelling whatever feud could have risen from the incidence.


Most controversial nigerian musicians

Female musicians undoubtedly have a harder time breaking through the pool of talents in the industry to become stars but  is one female act who has with captivating vocals, versatile flow, sex appeal and romps with controversies, ensured that name is one that stays front row of the scene. Earlier on in career,  had found herself amidst rumours of an affair with . While it wasn’t much of a controversy as neither party had flamed the fans, it was one story that got quite the rotation on blogs and news websites.  had later stepped into hotter waters with a case of some posted nudes of herself on Instagram account which she claimed had been the work of an unknown hacker with an unknown motive. The singer’s management had soon corroborated claims and Instagram account eventually got deactivated. The singer also moved to a fresh page where she then posted the photos released by the hacker, confusing fans and followers.

Pulse Exclusive: tells side of the story in new audio after argument with

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That incident had occurred in May 2020 last year and she’s since been in deeper pools of controversy first with ruthless persona as a judge on the Idol talent show which had sparked the ire of online and had caused to be a topic of discussion and a regular on the trend tables. This streak of controversy reached a crescendo after videos surfaced of and  having an exchange of words in a salon in Lagos. In the video,  had seemed to have a with  greeting when she claimed that their longtime feud where  and  vilified her, had not been resolved.

The showdown soon blew over into music royalty issues with  opening up to share that she has writing input on Tiwa Savage’s -featured Mr Lova Lova and got sidelined by the production team out of recording the song or getting due credits.


Ceeza Milli

 may not be one of the most popular musicians out there, but he’s one singer and songwriter that has been in a couple of controversies all based on songwriting.

Late March last year, a Twitter user had called  Boy’s attention to the fact that  claimed to have written parts of his hit single On the Low with video evidence of the latter saying such at a radio station.

The claims had instantly riled  Boy up and he’d issued threats to  which he later retracted and apologised for. Piriye Isokrari of Aristokrat Records had also stepped in and stated that  had not been engaged to write as at the time On the Low was created and didn’t write it.  however released a statement on his Instagram story, unshakably stating that he was very involved in the creation of the song.

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’s other songwriting controversy didn’t come to light till June this year after  and  had an altercation at a salon. Later on,  while explaining side of the issue made it known that she’d written parts of Tiwa Savage’s hit song, Mr Lova Lova with  during a recording session. He had however given the song to  without ’s vocalising which the latter had found out following the release of the song with efforts to gain credits proving abortive.


Controversial Nigerian musicians

With a career that has spanned nearly a decade, Tiwa Savage’s list of controversies has been rather short but quite weighty. A private musician, Tiwa Savage’s first scandal didn’t come to be till 2016 when now ex-husband Teebillz, had accused of infidelity, claiming that the singer had an affair with  and Tuface who is now known as . Shortly after, their marriage had crashed and  had granted an exclusive interview to Pulse Entertainment on circumstances surrounding the end of marriage.

"Your yansh is the dirtiest in the industry" ... Slams

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Tiwa Savage’s next run with controversy wasn’t till 2018 following the success of her -featured romantic number, Ma Lo which they’d then performed at several shows with steamy displays of love. While neither party ever officially came out to state they were dating, their relationship was heavily publicised and reached an all-time high when  featured in his Fever video as his love interest.

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The top female musician’s next controversial moment wasn’t till this year during the  and  fiasco where she dragged the latter to filth and swore on the life of only son, Jamil to serve as the corroborator for innocence in light of accusations of hatred from Seyi Shay in the past.


Wizkid scandal

, the king of unbothered living has weathered quite a number of controversies with most being baby mama drama. His first major scandal was a certain Carolyn Ikpea who wasn’t his girlfriend then, Tania, coming out to state that they’d had an affair. He and his girlfriend had then split up. Shortly after, rumours had started to swirl that the singer was expecting baby number two. Upon birth of the baby by Guinean, Binta Diallo, she named the baby Ayo to safeguard against denial of the baby by . According to her, this was a strategy gleaned from the incidents surrounding his first son, ’s birth by Shola Ogudu.

Sometime after,  had gotten in a club brawl with  where the latter who claimed  stole his song, was allegedly hit with a broken bottle by .

’s was next in the news in 2018 for two cases of baby mama problems involving his first two baby mamas calling him out after the third, Jada Pollock, praised his fathering skills of their son, Zion.

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Then in 2019, things seemed to get murky between him and Jada when she put up an Instagram post accusing  of recurring counts of domestic abuse. She’d stated that she was leaving the singer and that she was also done handling him as his manager. She’d however retracted the statement 24 hours later with claims to having been hacked.

Most times, these accusations were contained due to Wizkid’s style of responding to allegations; with silence.

Occasions where he’d however been the one lashing out at someone, while rare, do exist. They range from him calling out Tinie Tempah and his partner, Dumi Oburota for alleged shady dealings with his brand through their Disturbing management company. This was a double occurrence and then in the height of the #EndSARs, an obviously impassioned  had brusquely chastised  for promoting his music amidst the chaos. While veteran singer Black Face had given the singer a tongue lashing on his vitriolic address to the president’s tweet during the #EndSARs movement, his response to had been the last of scandals of him in recent times.


Davido scandal

Bubbly and with an openly philanthropic side, controversy trails  much like an eager fan. From a sex scandal that involved photos of the singer in bed with a Ghanaian student; Sonia Jumbo, to accusations of stealing songs as levelled by a possible extortionist looking to exploit the singer,  has had it all. And despite being the and undisputed ‘OBO’, the singer has also been amidst a couple of cash scandals, one involving a dud that a car dealership he patronised was unable to cash.

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The musician’s controversies, however, took a dark turn when three of his friends, Chime, Olu and Tagbo died within days of the other with the first deceased friend having been with him on the day he passed. There also exists a significant occurrence of run-ins with lovers and women in general from his  Momodu baby mama saga, to accusations of being disloyal to his latest baby mama and one time fiancee, Chioma. He was also accused by a couple of girls of having impregnated one of them but they later turned out to be repentant pranksters in the face of promised detention by . In recent times things have quieted down for the singer but his clash with  Boy during December last year, was the talk of social media, with an obviously frustrated  threatening to quit music.

His next controversy saw him reassume his playboy role when he kissed a new love interest known as , signalling the end of his very public relationship with the mother of his son, Chioma.


Brymo scandal

A brilliant musician with an ego to match,  has a couple of times. shaken things up on the bluebird app, Twitter, with claims that his artistry isn’t valued enough and that he’s the best musician out of the country.

Things got a bit heated for  following the release of his Heya! single which he graced wearing a leather thong and had made him the talk of the internetsphere.

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The musician’s next encounter with controversy was however not as light-hearted as it came in form of a rape allegation which he vehemently refuted in ways that had irked several members of the internet and pushed them to call for his cancellation.

9. D’Banj
Dbanj scandal

For the longest, the veteran singer had a near-pristine record with nothing untoward tied to his name. His split from ’Hits had been very much televised but it had been well managed from becoming a messy affair by all parties involved. The loss of his son had been an event that fans and Nigerians, in general, had sympathised with him on. 

But sometime in June last year, things had gotten rocky for the singer when a certain  Babatayo had accused him of raping in hotel room. D’Banj had responded by slamming his accuser with a lawsuit to the tune of Naira 1.5billion. Following his response, it was alleged that she had been unlawfully arrested by members of the police per D’Banj’s request, after visiting them for questioning.

breaks silence on rape allegation

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During the period of purported arrest, while friends and family of the accuser searched for her, a tweet went up on account where she’d published rape allegation, stating that she was done pursuing the case and was moving on. tweets about claims of rape were also deleted and were replaced by a snippet of D’Banj’s upcoming single. In between all these, D’banj had also reacted to the scandal by uploading a video of him where he performed his hit single, Olorun Maje, stating that he was till proven otherwise while using his song as a prayer point.

While all these unfolded, angered had signed a petition against D’Banj, calling for his United Nations ambassadorial contract to be terminated.

The case has since been shelved with involved parties taking to silence on the issue.


Buju scandal

Yet a fast-rising act, the talented musician has shown he’s not just another new kid on the block first with his vocals and tendency to get into controversy and survive them much like his mentor,  Boy.

Buju’s first controversial moment happened sometime May last year when a certain upcoming artiste known as Foresythe, shared some screenshots where had said scathing things about his career in response to his request to feature on his record.  had apologised saying, “I messed up but e get why” and some music observers who schooled in Babcock have since corroborated Buju’s claims stating that he’d been treated similarly by the artiste in question during their days in Babcock.

 was next on the controversial side of the news May this year when his girlfriend, a Dr Amira had accused him of domestic violence while stating that she was the one funding his lifestyle as a singer and that other girls had shared their stories of domestic abuse with in the past. A friend of Dr Amira had also come forward on Instagram story with claims that she had witnessed fly into a rage and made mention of the fact that while she was willing to testify in a court of law, friend was also not coming forward for or for clout.

The third wave of controversy from  involved tweets he’d made in the past. Apparently some Twitter users had done a search of his former tweets and had turned up with receipts from as far back as 2016 where he’d disparaged several music stars from  to  and more. These findings had not sat well with  and  fans who proceeded to lash out at the artiste. Proving to be able to withstand the flames of controversy, had then responded with a video that denoted he was unconcerned before taking the high road and apologising for his actions with claims that he had no idea he was later going to make music.

Given this extensive rundown on controversial moments from some of our favourite musicians, who do you think is the most controversial artiste in recent times?

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